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Circuit And Coil

Quartz watches work with the power of an electronic oscillator together with a small quartz crystal. Inside the movement is a coil that loops current all throughout the watch. The circuit functions as a carrier of the electrical charge from the parts of the quartz movement. Sofly is a distributor and supplier of different kinds of clock movement circuit and coil block for known brands, such as Ronda, Miyota, and TMI.


The coil which gives power the step motor is made from a wire which is thinner than a human hair. Once the coil is damaged, the watch will no longer work and keep time. We offer repair components for watch circuit and coil at a very affordable price.


If you need high-quality replacement parts for watch circuit and coil, and other tools for repair, Sofly will provide everything you need. Since 2008, we have been dedicated to make the job of jewelers and watchmakers easier. For beginners, you can reach us to know more information about the basic watchmaking process.

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