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Crown Pusher Tube

Watch case tubes are located on the side of the watch case where the crown sits, and the stem goes through. These tubes protrude from the case, which are easily bumped. Watch crowns are attached to a stem that connects to the watch movement, which allows you to make mechanically manual changes.


Typically made from stainless steel or metal, watch crowns have been designed to resist everyday wear. Watch crowns are composed of a metal threading, a small gasket, and sleeves that are designed to prevent moisture and debris from going inside the watch. Sofly offers replacement watch crowns and tubes that are much more suitable for watch brands, like Omega and IWC.


If you need watch crowns and tubes, we are a distributor of excellent quality watch parts at a reasonable price within a short span of shipping time. For beginners, we offer free technical support. Contact us to know more.

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