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Watch Hands

Watch hands are critical parts of a watch because they tell the time. After years of usage, watch hands will wear out a watch wouldn’t be a real watch without watch hands ticking. Fortunately, Sofly got you covered! We stock a wide selection of replacement watch hands: second hands, minute hands, hour hands, sweep second hands. Sofly doesn’t only sell parts separately, we also sell watch hand sets!


Our watch hands are available with brands like Miyata, Citizen, Hattori, Omega, and ETA. You can also choose these colors to meet your needs: rose gold, silver, and gold. Don’t see the brand or color you are looking for? Don’t worry, we are able to find it for you!


Before you actually order watch hands, please measure the length of your current hands from the center of the hole to the tip! If you are unsure of what to order or need other repair tools, feel free to get in touch!

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