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Watch movements are the command of the whole watch. There are different types of watch movements: quartz movements, automatic movements, and mechanical movements. Sofly offers a wide range of high quality movements at low costs. You can order watch movement replacements for brands, such as Rolex, Citizen, Cartier, Piaget, Omega, ETA, SEIKO and more. If you have special needs for its color, shape or design, just scan through our product list and find the one that fits you!


Watch movement repair requires skills and experience, it’s not recommended for anyone who’s new to horology to replace a watch movement. If you need proper repair tools to start, check here!


Sofly is a quartz watch movements supplier who has an extensive product range and short turnaround time. We are all about making your watch repairing easier and faster, so if you have any questions, or if you are wondering which parts are on sale, or if you are looking for a part that isn’t listed here, get in touch! 

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