A Complete Guide to Luxury Watches Repairs and Service

Luxury watches are timeless pieces of art. They are not only functional but also timeless accessories. However, like any other item of clothing or accessory, a luxury watch needs regular maintenance and service to keep it in top condition.

In this article, we will discuss the common tools used for watch maintenance and how to do a full watch service yourself.

We will also discuss when you need to take your watch for servicing and some common problems that can be fixed.

Common Tools Used For Watch Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your luxury watch, there are specific tools that you will need. The most essential tool is an adjustable pin wrench which is used to open the back case of the watch.


You will also need:

  • Tweezers – You will use this for removing small parts and adjusting the movement.
  • Watch Case Opener – This tool is used to open the back case of the watch.
  • Screwdriver set – This set of screwdrivers can be used to remove screws from the watch.
  • Needle-nose pliers – This tool is used to remove and adjust watch parts.

  Ultrasonic cleaning machine (optional) –  This machine is used for deep cleaning and to remove dust, dirt, and grime from the watch.


While these tools may seem intimidating at first glance, they are easy to use once you have familiarized yourself with them.

How To Do A Full Watch Service Yourself

The best way to maintain your luxury timepiece is by doing a full watch service yourself.

It involves cleaning the movement of dirt and debris using an ultrasonic cleaning machine as well as replacing any worn-out parts such as springs or screws.

After completing the service process, you should perform regular inspections on the movement every 3-5 years or so in order to ensure its longevity.

Here is the step-by-step process for doing full watch maintenance on your own:

  1. Remove the back case of the watch by using an adjustable pin wrench.
  2. Carefully unhinge and remove all parts such as the balance wheel, the escape wheel, and the gears.
  3. Clean all parts with an ultrasonic cleaning machine or a soft microfiber cloth.
  4. If any parts need to be replaced, fit new ones in their place.
  5. Reassemble all components and screws carefully.
  6. Check for any loose parts and make sure the movement is running smoothly.
  7. Clean and polish the watch case and glass using a microfiber cloth.
  8. Put the back of the watch in place and secure it with an adjustable pin wrench.

When Do You Need Watch Maintenance?

It is recommended that you get your watch serviced at least once every 4 years in order to ensure its accuracy and performance levels remain high over time.


If you notice any issues with your timepiece such as inaccurate readings or strange noises coming from the movement then it is advised that you take it in for servicing sooner rather than later in order to resolve any underlying issues quickly before they become more serious problems down the line.


Plus, regular maintenance can help prevent any costly repairs that could otherwise be avoided.

Common Watch Problems That Can Be Resolved On Your Own

In some cases, you may be able to spot minor issues with your timepiece and resolve them on your own without having to go into a specialist repair shop or take it in for servicing right away.

Loose Crown

A loose crown on your watch may be a sign that it needs to be tightened up.

If your crown has become loose then this can easily be tightened using tweezers or needle-nose pliers depending on what type of crown it has.

Furthermore,  you can also use an adjustable pin wrench to make sure the crown is fully secure.

Dead Battery

Replacing a dead battery in your watch is a relatively simple task and can be done at home with the right tools.

You will need to open the back case of your watch using a watch case opener and unscrew the battery compartment before slipping in a new battery.

Make sure to use the correct type of battery for your watch and always be careful when opening the back case of your timepiece as it can easily become damaged if done incorrectly.

Damaged Strap or Bracelet

If you find that your watch strap or bracelet is looking worn out, then it may be time for a replacement.

This is a very straightforward task and can be done without having to take the watch to a repair shop.

Simply unscrew the connecting pins on the strap or bracelet using tweezers and then attach the new one in its place. Make sure to carefully screw back any loose screws and you’re good to go!

Dirt buildup on the case back

Other minor ailments such as dirt buildup around the case back seal can be easily cleaned without needing professional help from a repair shop so long as you take care not to damage any delicate components inside the case back during the process.

Also, make sure to use a damp microfiber cloth and avoid harsh cleaning chemicals as this can damage the material of your watch.

Once the case back is clean, you’re ready to go!


In conclusion, maintaining a luxury timepiece can be done either professionally by taking it to a specialist repair shop or by doing it yourself using basic tools and know-how acquired through research online or from books dedicated solely to watch maintenance techniques.

Regular inspection and servicing intervals should always be adhered to in order for optimal performance over time while minor ailments can often be resolved on one’s own with basic equipment available at homes such as tweezers or needle-nose pliers depending on what type of issue needs fixing up!

No matter which option one goes with though regular maintenance of one’s luxury watch is always necessary so make sure not to neglect yours!


The intricate mechanism of each watch is a work of art. Every luxury watch has its level of craftsmanship and quality. Each is created artistically by expert watchmakers making the timepiece have an elegant design and accurate timekeeping. But, luxury watch collectors prefer mechanical or automatic movements. Let yourself fall into one of the types of a watch movement and share your ideas below if you have different insight!

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