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Horotec MSA07.369 Professional Rack-Press


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Horotec MSA07.369 Professional Rack-Press

Rack-press delivered as a complete version, for traditional work or only with the suction dies. Equipped with 2
adapters allowing use of all the dies with thread Ø 6 mm from the following assortments: MSA06.520, 06.521,
06.522, 07.106 and 07.107

Contents :

07.367-P Press
07.344 (1) Adjustable jaws holder, maximum opening 65 mm
07.323-A (2) 2x round jaws
07.323-B (2) 2x flat jaws

07.323-C (2) 2x square jaws
07.323-D (2) 2x knurled jaws
07.323-E (2) 2x elongated jaws, reinforced square
07.323-F (2) 2x elongated jaws, reinforced round
07.371 (3) Lower tray
07.372 (4) 2x upper tray
07.373-A (5) Upper adapter Ø 16 mm
07.373-B (6) Lower adapter Ø 40 mm
07.374 (7) Case holder with 4 stacked jaws, height 29 mm
07.333 (8) Assortment of 7 red suction dies
07.367-A (9) Red suction case holder
07.311 (10) Assortment of 8 steel dies RX type
07.327 (11) Assortment of 3 steel dies BM type
07.336 (11) Assortment of 4 steel dies SEAM. type

  • Genuine Horotec 
  • Made in Swiss
  • Brand New In Original Packing
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