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Sofly is a highly-acclaimed watch dial manufacturer and supplier that specializes in customizing watch dials. We offer a wide variety of top-quality watch dials in classic and contemporary designs including wrist watch dials, digital watch dials, and analog watch dials. If you are looking for durable and elegant watch dials, you are in the right place! Contact us for your special requirements today.

Watch Dial Types We Provide

Sofly provides trusted watch dial customization services and refined designs.

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sofly watch dial

Why Choose Our Watch Dials?

Excellent Service

Sofly provides excellent customization service that makes sure all of our clients get what they need. Our free technical support makes it easier to find your desired custom watch dial.

Trusted Quality

We have skilled craftsmen that produce watch dials with superior quality. Using durable materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, our watch dials can exceed your expectations.

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Refined Designs

Our well-crafted watch dials come in unique and irresistible trendy designs that can have multiple color imprints. We can deliver whatever your design demands are.

Reasonable Price

As a well-known watch dial maker, Sofly can provide you with watch dials at very affordable prices to help you reduce your expenses. Buy in bulk from us to get discounts!

Watch Dial Customization Process

Custom Quotation

Custom Quotation

We will be providing you a sales quotation for your desired watch dial/s before we proceed with the design and manufacturing processes. For this, you will need to give us your specific requirements first.


Design & Sample

Once your specifications are finalized, we will proceed with the design process where we will be providing you with a sample watch dial to make sure that all your requirements are met.



In the watch dial factory, the dial is manufactured through processes that include stamping, spot-welding, polishing, plating, printing, coating, and placement of the time symbols.


Fast Delivery

We offer fast delivery services to keep our customers satisfied. We guarantee that you will get your custom watch dials within 3 days by keeping in close contact with you after the manufacturing process.

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