Top 5 Watch Parts Manufacturers in China

Can’t find the perfect store that can solve your watch repair problems? Or maybe you are a watch hobbyist that wants to buy watch kits?  On the other hand, a watchmaker looking for a suitable supplier for your watch manufacturing business? Many people would like to buy watch parts online. Inthis article, you can get more than just online stores.

From the 16th century’s sundial to the 21st century’s smartwatches – it is evident that watch is still significant as it underwent multiple innovations throughout the centuries. Be that as it may, watch parts manufacturing should be highlighted too since they serve as the backbone of the watch industry.

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#5 Helenarou Homage Watch and Parts

Helenarou Homage watch and parts logo

The Helenarou Homage Watch and Parts website offers not only manufactured watches but also they supply watch parts that are high-quality and stylish. Their online store is more than a decade now and still on the run. They produce white-label watches, cases, straps, movements, dials, and other different items.

What makes this online store unique is that they offer custom dial printing. Not to mention that they accept requests for complete watch installation when you purchase all watch parts from them. And that is for free!

#4 Pardwin Watch Limited

Pardwin logo

Guangzhou Pardwin Watch Limited is a manufacturing expert in China for over thirty years. They are known to produce watches with 316L stainless steel case, Swiss quartz and automatic movements, and sapphire glass with Italian leather strap.

This company only cooperates with top-grade factories worldwide that supply parts to luxurious brands of watches. Nevertheless, they sell watch parts too. For instance, they provide Miyota and Swiss movements. What makes them stand out from several watch parts supplier is that they offer customized date mechanical watch movements.

#3 Timebalife


Shenzhen Timebalife Industrial Co., Ltd. has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company, the SGS Group. The business was established in 2009, located in Shenzen City.

Timebalife specializes in watch manufacturing for exportations. Their watches have many selections of various features. They can be made from alloys, stainless steels, silicones, and plastics. They also produce watch parts such as dials, bezels, watch bands, Miyota movements, and gift boxes.

What makes this shop exceptional is that they customize watch case parts like bezels. Also, they sell high-quality stainless steel watch cases with ceramic bezels for dive watches. Their products are not only sold in China but also in the United States, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East countries.

#2 HK AA Industrial Co. Limited

HK AA logo

The company was established in 1998 with a vast factory site covering more than ten thousand square meters. They specialized in the production and sale of hardware and plastic items. Their products are widely applied in different industries, such as medical, agricultural, electronics, construction, and others. These are being well-received by their clients from the United States, Europe, and of course, Asia.

HK AA Industrial also manufactures watch parts, like watch buckles, stainless steels watch straps, stainless steel watch case back covers, and wristwatch cases. If you wish to contact them straight, you may reach them at their telephone number (00 86) 15014879276. Or you can reach them through fax at (00 852) 82283386

Sofly is a family business that has been running for five years. They are committed to supply and support an extensive range of watch tools and parts globally at a reasonable price – bezels, movements, high-quality movement parts, hands, buckles, gaskets, et cetera. Besides, they also have replacement components for particular brands, like Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Seiko, and more. You name it, and they got it.

What makes this manufacturing business get the top spot is the quality that they guarantee, yet offering them at affordable costs. Furthermore, Sofly’s vision and mission are to provide their clients the watch parts and tools that they seek. In doing so, customers can do their repairs anywhere, at any time. Their website even offers free technical support if their clients need further help, for they believe in the customer’s first policy.


To sum it up, there are gazillions of watch parts suppliers worldwide that you can find in just a click. However, not all can cater to the specific needs of artisans, watch hobbyists, and watchmakers. It is essential to find a watch part manufacturer whom the potential clients can entirely rely on. Not only in China, watch parts in United Kingdom are also considerable for you choose.

Not just in terms of providing high caliber components, but also giving out excellent customer service. Such as offering technical support and thinking about customer’s needs more than anything else. I hope the article helpful for you. If you have different ideas and other recommandations, please comment below and tell us what you think!

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There are many important discussions about watch straps in this blog. Which will play a very important role for watch users. Everyone who uses a watch should know this and buy a watch. Thanks to the poster for sharing important information.

There are many important discussions about watch straps in this blog. Which will play a very important role for watch users. Everyone who uses a watch should know this and buy a watch. Thanks to the poster for sharing important information.

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