Best of 10 - Top Tools Every Watch Collector Needs

If you’re a watch enthusiast, chances are you’ve encountered plenty of ticking time bombs—the kind that comes in the form of broken watches.

But don’t be dismayed! There’s no better way to show off your watchmaking skills than by having all the best watch tools for the job.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 essential watch tools every collector needs.

Read on to make sure your toolkit is fully stocked and ready for action!

These are some common and simple tools:

1. Spring Bar Tool

Bergeon 6767-S/F Spring Bar Tool

Anyone who knows even a little bit about watches will tell you to get a spring bar tool.

This tool is perfect for manipulating those tiny spring bars so you can easily remove and replace them without damaging your watch band or case.

When you want to change the strap on your watch, you can use these handy tools to do it quickly and easily.

You can buy them online from about £5, but this is not a good way to save money.

It comes with two ends—a hook and a fork—so you can choose which fits best depending on what type of spring bar you’re working with.

2. Cleaning Clay

Bergeon 7033 Cleaning Clay RODICO

This is one of the most widely used tools to clean the tiny dust on the dial, hand and movement of the watch. It is used to fix parts in repairing watches.

3. Eye Loupe

China Make Eyeglass Matel Case And Sapphire Lens 3-5-10-20X

An eye loupe gives you up-close views of small details such as moving parts, dial features, and engravings on vintage watches that would otherwise be impossible to see with the naked eye.

It also makes it easier to find any scratches or flaws in order to accurately evaluate a watch before purchase or repair.

Although the practical advantages of a loupe are more restricted in comparison to the other instruments on our list, having an eye loupe is a necessity for every serious watch collector.

The most obvious benefit of having a loupe is that you can look at the details of your watch more closely.

4. Calipers/Lug-Width Tool

Watch And Jewelry Digital Caliper 150mm × 0.01mm

A caliper or lug-width tool helps ensure accuracy when measuring the width between lugs (the metal pieces that hold the strap or bracelet in place).

The calipers are used to measure the size of small objects, such as watch cases.

They’re also used to measure lug width, which is important if you plan on changing out your strap or bracelet for a custom fit.

Having a caliper ensures that your measurements are precise and will save you time in the long run.

5. Spring Bars

Spring bars are used to attach straps to watches and come in a variety of sizes.

You can buy these from any watch parts supplier and they are essential for anyone who wants to change out the straps on their watch.

The most common type is the “flat” bar, which comes in two different lengths and has a pin-hole at one end for you to use with a spring bar tool.

When choosing a spring bar, make sure the length matches your lug width (the distance between the two lugs that hold your strap or bracelet) and the pinhole is large enough for your tool.

This will ensure a secure fit and will minimize any potential damage that could occur if it is too loose.

6. Dust Blower

Bergeon 4657 Dust Blower

Once the watch caseback or glass is opened, there will definitely be some dust inside the case, especially when the watch mirror is mounted, this time you can use this tool to blow the dust away.

7. Screwdrivers

Bergeon 30081-P05 5 Screwdrivers Set

Screwdrivers for watch collectors are a must-have.

Can be used for screws in the back cover of the watch, strap, clasp, movement inside screw, the more sizes of screwdriver set generally more expensive, a good screwdriver can make you twist the screw when more effort to protect the screws, to prevent the movement of the role of magnetic.

When it comes to buying screwdrivers for watch jobs, you should have at least five sizes:

You should also have a tweezer-style screwdriver with a pointed tip at each end, which is perfect for setting the time on quartz watches (which have tiny screws).

8. Caseback opener

There are many different ways to open a caseback, and different watch brands will have different shapes of casebacks.

It is important to choose the right caseback opener for you, but professional watch repairers generally have many different caseback opener.

9. Wipers

Bergeon 7039 Wipers (Single Piece)

When the watch case and mirror have slight scratches, this tool can be used to remove the scratches by repeatedly wiping, and the effect is more obvious when used on gold and platinum cases.

10. Glass pen

Bergeon 7971-MINI Glass Pen

One of the most commonly used tools to remove dirt when there is dirt on top of the dial.


When it comes to restoring vintage watches or fixing modern ones, having the right set of tools at your disposal can make all the difference in achieving expert results every time!

From spring bar tools and link removal kits to screwdrivers and pliers—not forgetting eye loupes and demagnetizers—this list covers everything you need for successful repair jobs as well as building up an impressive collection over time.

So why wait? Get equipped today! Happy collecting everyone!


The intricate mechanism of each watch is a work of art. Every luxury watch has its level of craftsmanship and quality. Each is created artistically by expert watchmakers making the timepiece have an elegant design and accurate timekeeping. But, luxury watch collectors prefer mechanical or automatic movements. Let yourself fall into one of the types of a watch movement and share your ideas below if you have different insight!

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